_wsb_449x447_2012+Open+Selection+2If you are an artist living or working in Hertfordshire we would like to hear from you.

There is no charge to exhibit at the gallery and our commission on sales is just 25%. This goes to pay for gallery expenses to help us keep running the gallery and supporting Hertfordshire artists.

(The gallery is a not-for-profit charitable trust staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.)

To be considered for a future exhibition, please send an email with photographs of your work to artists@newmaynardgallery.co.uk.

You can also enter our annual Open Exhibition.

Your work will be discussed at one of our committee meetings. We let you know your application has been received, and tell you when your work will be presented and discussed at a meeting of the Trustees. We will then let you know whether or not your work is considered suitable for the gallery. Should your work be short-listed, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable exhibition date with you.

Typically two or three artists share an exhibition, and we try to make sure that the work is complementary, which can also add to the waiting time before we can offer you space.

The first requirement is that you have sufficient work to fill the space! The gallery has several walls and four glass cabinets (scroll down to see floor plans) so, even if you are sharing the exhibition with another artist you do need a large body of work. All 2-D work needs to be framed or boxed with mirror plates attached.

Before the exhibition opens, we hold a private view which we hope you will attend. It is usually held the day before the exhibition opens on a Thursday evening from 8-9.30pm. Wine and snacks are served free of charge, and you are welcome to invite family and friends.

Photo above shows guests at the Private View of the 10th Open Exhibition, on 25th October 2012

Photo above shows guests at the Private View of the 10th Open Exhibition, on 25th October 2012


The Maynard walls (with the usable space in brackets) is the floor/skirting to ceiling, or limit left to right, HEIGHT x WIDTH cm.

Please note that lamps restrict width in places and have not been taken into account.

A = 234 x 204, B = 240 x 248 to gents sign, C = 254 x234, D = 200 x 400 and E = 100(80) x 510IMG_1382+walls+L+loo+to+op+bar+NEW+ABCDE+2015+copy

F = 202 x 354IMG_1381+wall+F+2015+copy

G = 233(150) x 600, H = (150) x 313, I = (150) x 408, J = (150) x 221, K = (150) x 628

and L = (150) x 355IMG_1377+walls+GHIJKL+2015+copy

All 2-D work must be suitably presented (eg: framed or box canvas) with mirror plates attached (see Conditions of Use below for full information).
You will need to provide a list of your works in advance, with titles and prices, so that we can create the catalogue and labels.
Your artworks will be hung (or arranged in the cabinets) by the Trustees and volunteers. If you have strong feelings about how the artwork should be displayed, please let us know. We will try to accommodate your requests, but the ultimate decision lies with the Gallery.
You need to drop off your work prior to the collection on the agreed hanging day and collect it at the end of the exhibition when the works are taken down.

The Gallery takes payment on your behalf. Your work stays in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, the buyer collects the work and we pay you the total amount, less 25% commission.

a) All work submitted must be clean and professionally presented

b) All paintings or photographs should be framed and ready to hang. The necessity to frame tapestries, collages and the like will be at the discretion of the Gallery Management Committee.

c) All paintings or photographs should be mirror plated. There should be NO hanging cord and NO projections from the rear. Two dimensional work requires two mirror plates fitted to the back, approximately 2/3 of the way up each vertical edge.Abnormally heavy frames require a third mirror plate fitted to the middle of the bottom edge to prevent tilting.

Mirror plates must be 32mm x 32mm or 38 x 38mm in size with a plain hole (see left below) NOT a slotted hole). They can be purchased from firms like Screwfix – ask for product code 14259

PLAIN – CORRECTMirror+Plates

SLOTTED – NOT ACCEPTABLE_wsb_203x203_Slotted+Mirror+Plates


Your mirror plates should be attached to the outside edge of the frame  so that the mirror plate juts out from the frame. (If the hole is too close to the edge of the frame we can’t get our drill in straight to drill the pilot hole to screw your work to the wall).

We will paint your mirror plates white once the exhibition is hung. Whilst we take every care not to get paint on your frames, it is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, we recommend you paint your mirror plates white prior to fixing to the frame and/or place a piece of masking tape over the frame.

e) Clip frames are not acceptable for display pieces.

f) Exhibitors must provide a CV or biography and digital images of their work 6 weeks prior to the exhibition opening date. This is so that we can have publicity material designed and printed (eg: posters, catalogue, private view invitations). We also need a full list of works

g) Each exhibition has a private view, which the artists are encouraged to attend. Photographs may be taken of the artist(s) and their work, which may be used for publicity and on the Gallery’s website.

h) Works exhibited will be insured for public liability only. Exhibitors are strongly advised to take out their own private insurance if they wish to have their work covered for damage or theft. All works are hung at the artist’s own risk. All work is shown at the discretion of the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.

i) All work should be delivered and collected on time at such time as is arranged between the Management Committee and the Artist(s). If work is not collected by the agreed date, it will not continue to be covered by the public liability building insurance and the Management Committee and its representatives cannot be held responsible for the work.

j) All exhibitors must submit a list of all pieces being exhibited 3-4 weeks to the opening date of the exhibition,in Excel format. We will supply you with a blank Excel form to fill in. Please state the title of each work, the medium and the selling price of each. For group shows, we also need the forename and surname of the artist in two columns. Experience shows that the average price of works sold at the gallery is less than £200. The maximum price paid for any 2D work has been £350 for a work of exceptional quality.  If you do not wish to sell your work please put the initials ‘NFS’.

k) Should any sales result from the exhibition, the Management Committee will take 25% of the selling price as commission. (The artist should add 33% to the price they would like to receive).

l) All relevant conditions stated in the Welwyn Hatfield Council Terms and Conditions of Hire document that apply to facilities operated by Leisure and Community Service Department, will also apply to the display of any work in the facility.

m) Giclée or digitally produced prints of original artwork are not acceptable for display on the walls. If exhibitors wish to offer them for sale their availability will be indicated in the catalogue and on this website, and they may be displayed on a stand at private view evenings only.


Tall Cabinet – d42cm x w46cm x h180cm (16.5 x 18 x 42.5″) Up to 4 removable glass shelves, approx 24cm between each shelf.

Short Cabinet – d42cm x w46cm x h158cm (16.5 x 18 x 62″) Up to 5 removable glass shelves, approx 24cm between each shelf.

Cabinet – l176cm x w63cm x h84cm (69 x 24 x 33″)