Private View of Identity Exhibition

After the initial private view was postponed due to the heavy snowfall, we were able to rescheduled the private view to the 22nd March.  The night was well attended and an excellent celebration of the diverse mix of art on show.  Below are the photos from the night.

IMG_6315 ArtistGavinOsborn NMG22Mar18

Artist, Gavin Osborn

IMG_6318 ArtistChantalRidings NMG22Mar18

Artist, Chantal Ridings

IMG_6321 ArtistStephanieByway NMG22Mar18

Artist, Stephanie Byway

IMG_6323 ArtistPaulSimmans NMG22Mar18

Artist, Paul Simmans

IMG_6324 ArtistRoryMeldrum NMG22Mar18

Artist, Rory Meldrum

IMG_6327 ArtistHollisDioxon NMG22Mar18

Artist, Hollis Dixon

IMG_6329 ArtistArrushiGoswami NMG22Mar18

Artist, Arrushi Goswami

IMG_6334 AtristKatClark NMG22Mar18

Artist, Katherine Clark

IMG_6336 Roy speaking etal

Our Trustee, Roy Ward talking about the gallery

IMG_6345 Barbara speaking and Roy

Deputy Mayor, Barbara Fitzsimmon

IMG_6347 KLoveman RWard DepMayorBFitzsimmon KMinier KatieTyssen NMG22Mar18

Keith Loveman, Roy Ward, Barbara Fitzsimmon, Kevin Minier and Katie Tysen

IMG_6350 Mayor with Artists NMG22Mar18

All of the artists with Deputy Mayor, Barbara Fitzsimmon and Ceramic Artist, Nigel Earle (front)

IMG_6353 ArtistTowrab NMG22Mar18

Artist, Towrab

IMG_6357 PoetHollisDixon NMG22Mar18

Poet, Hollis Dixon

IMG_6360 ArtistSarahTook NMG22Mar18

Artist, Sarah Took

IMG_6362 ArtistAyaHastwell NMGM22Mar18

Artist, Aya Hastwell


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